Guide to Natural, Holistic & Alternative Cancer Treatments

  • This guide helps the cancer patient navigate through the confusing and conflicting information on non-conventional cancer treatment approaches.
  • You’ll learn about therapeutic dietary protocols, juicing, supplements, herbs and an array of treatment modalities outside the conventional paradigm.
  • Each topic is addressed with unbiased scientific scrutiny but also judged by anecdotal or clinical evidence.
  • This guide will empower cancer patients and their family to make tough choices on what path to follow for best long term outcome and quality of life. Click Here to Download

Services for Patients & Health Professionals: 1-800-634-3804

For Patients

Nutritional Support

NORI provides individualized nutritional counseling and support for cancer patients worldwide seeking to optimize their recovery and prevent recurrence. Also provided by NORI is guidance through the complex and confusing maze of alternative cancer treatments. NORI will help patients save money on ineffective therapies, useless supplements, expensive foods and unnecessary tests.  Learn more.

Get Referrals

Physician Referral Service

NORI offers a free referral service for cancer patients seeking a physician in their area that is trained on the NORI protocol or qualified to administer IV sodium selenite.  Please call or write to find a doctor in your area.  If a trained physician is not available in your area, NORI can provide assistance through our nutritional support program and our affiliated clinics.

For Physicians

Professional Training

NORI offers a training course that covers all aspects of the NORI protocol designed for naturopathic or integrative oncologists interested in expanding their range of options available to their patients.

The training course includes a complete overview of the scientific literature supporting the NORI approach in addition to all the practical knowledge to administer the protocol successfully.

Training Course Description and Outline

News & Articles

How a High-Fruit Diet Helps Reverse Cancer: The Science Behind NORI Protocol


In this interview Chris Wark interviews Mark Simon, the man who helped Candice-Marie Fox get well.

Mark’s background is in neuroscience and biomedical engineering, and he has been studying nutritional science for the last three decades. He is the founder and director of the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute, and developer of the NORI Protocol, a nutritional strategy centered around starving cancer cells with a methionine-restricted diet.

Fun Fact: Cancer cells are dependent on the amino acid methionine to survive. Can you guess which foods don’t contain methionine?…

How Candice-Marie Fox Healed Advanced Thyroid Cancer with NORI Protocol


We invite you to watch this interview with one of our former patients, Candice-Marie Fox was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer in 2011 at age 28. The interview was conducted by Chris Wark and published on Chris’s website:
As Chris points out “The click-bait tabloid version of her story that went viral is not accurate. She was misquoted, her story was oversimplified, and some of the facts are just plain wrong. Classic internet.”

The Cure to Cancer Conference

June 2014 The Cure to Cancer Conference videos are now available.  Use the link below to order this set of DVDs that provide valuable insights and tools for cancer patients who are pursuing a natural and nontoxic approach to healing....

NORI Establishes a UK Branch

NORI establishes a UK branch headed by Dr. Colin Walsh. Dr. Walsh will provide services to patients within the UK and parts of the EU. Dr. Walsh brings his passion for alternative and alternative medicine to...

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