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Nutritional Oncology Research Institute

NORI is an independent research organization that has developed a nutritional program to augment conventional methods of cancer treatment. Cancer patients who choose to avoid conventional therapies or who have exhausted all other options may wish to explore this revolutionary and unique approach to cancer management offered exclusively by NORI. The NORI protocol is designed to be the most effective and lowest cost nutritional support system available. NORI represents the future in managing cancer in a safe, nontoxic and holistic, health-promoting, effective and scientifically sound manner. The NORI protocol combines the power of a methionine restricted diet with simple combinations of targeted nutraceuticals. NORI is also involved in research focused on discovering what causes cancer and developing tools for cancer prevention.

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The NORI Approach

Nutrition plays a major role in cancer prevention and if utilized properly, diet can change the course of cancer progression. Many dietary factors affect the rate of tumor growth and specific dietary interventions may potentially reverse tumor progression. The key difference between the NORI approach and other nutritionally based cancer treatments is that NORI attempts to limit the availability of essential nutrients necessary to cancer cell survival while supplying adequate nutrients to healthy cells. The NORI approach to cancer nutrition is not designed to build or enhance the immune system. Cancer cells, like normal cells, have built-in means of defense against immune system attack, what separates conventional from most alternative cancer therapies is selectivity, meaning that conventional treatments destroy healthy cells while alternative therapies attempt to spare them.
Every element of the NORI approach to cancer therapy is designed to spare and protect healthy normal cells while selectively killing or impairing cancer cells. Why are alternative treatments like the NORI protocol not practiced by oncologists and researched through clinical trials? The answer is simple economics and excessive control by the pharmaceutical industry. Money and profits has become the primary driver in medical science in general. Medical science must serve all of us rather than the bottom line of multi-national corporations. NORI is a grassroots alternative cancer research institute that is carving out a path towards medical sanity within oncology.

What is Cancer?

To effectively provide cancer treatment, one must understand its nature; relevent points of consideration include risk and growth factors, vulnerabilities, and genetics. NORI views cancer as a condition that is not an illness, disease, or failure of the immune system, but cellular dysfunction caused by environmental exposure to certain cancer-causing agents. Cancer originates in specific cell types called adult quiescent stem cells; these cells can remain dormant for the entirety of one’s life, but, if damaged by radiation, pharmaceutical drugs, toxic chemicals, or certain viruses, can become immortal, forming tumors that invade healthy tissues and impede the function of organs and other structures in the body. Cancer cells house damaged mitochondria, which are the components of the cell responsible for generating energy. This is why cancer cells revert to glycolysis (fermentation of sugar) for generation of ATP (energy currency).
There are two types of DNA in human cells, nuclear and mitochondrial. Cancer appears to be the result of damage to mitochondrial DNA while nuclear DNA damage is “after the fact”. Mitochondrial damage prevents the normal process called apoptosis or natural programmed cell death which shuts down the cell so that it does not continue to divide without end. Cancer is the same condition regardless of the site or organ of origin. Cancer is not 200 different diseases. It is a process defined by common metabolic abnormalities within malignant cells that can be effectively exploited without toxic drugs. It is generally the side effects of conventional therapies that take a cancer patient’s life, not cancer itself.

Targeted Therapy

Cancer cells are constantly under high levels of oxidative stress; this outstanding vulnerability is an excellent target for treatment as it separates them catagorically from the normal cells that surround them. There are many ways to increase the amount of oxidative stress in the cancer cell; several natural agents are able to generate excess oxidative stress in malignant tissue while causing no damage to normal cells in the process.

Cancer cells have an abnormally high requirement for amino acids to constantly regenerate as they do, most notably for the compound methionine; methionine is found primarily in animal products, which is why we recommend a plant-based to all of our patients. Dietary restriction of methionine and other amino acids starves cancer cells of nutrients essential to their continued growth.

A methionine restricted diet is the foundation from which various nontoxic compounds are used to trigger apoptosis. The NORI program is comprehensive in addressing features of the tumor microenvironment.

Naturopathic and Holistic Medicine

NORI is strongly aligned with naturopathic and holistic medicine as this is the path towards healing that will achieve the best outcome. Like other degenerative diseases, cancer responds well to nutritional intervention along with overall lifestyle enhancement. Treating cancer effectively must address the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. The primary work of NORI is in healing the physical body while encouraging the cancer patient to seek emotional healing and spiritual guidance.

NORI utilizes inhouse manufacturing of our supplements and nutraceutical products.  Please visit NORINUTRACEUTICALS.COM for product and ordering information.



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