About NORI

NORI is an organization focused on research and development of nutritionally based, nontoxic, drug-free cancer treatment methods. NORI has created a unique treatment protocol that may be utilized along with conventional therapies, or utilized alone for the treatment of nearly any form and stage of cancer. The NORI protocol is based on a specialized plant-based diet as a foundation while administering safe and effective natural compounds that selectively kill cancer cells. The NORI protocol has been proven effective for a wide array of cancers at all stages. 

NORI is a worldwide organization with headquarters based in Westlake Village, CA. NORI will work directly with cancer patients interested in improving their treatment outcome through optimal nutrition and lifestyle factors. 

NORI Services 


  • Nutritional Counseling, General and Condition Specific, Diabetes as a Subspecialty
  • Nutritional Support Program for Cancer Patients and Survivors
  • Research and Education on Cancer Prevention Involving Diet and Lifestyle
  • Research and Development of Supplements for Cancer Prevention
  • Research and Development of Specialized Nutraceuticals for Clinical Oncology 
  • Professional Training Program for Integrative Oncologists, Nutritionists and Physicians enabling utilization of the NORI protocol


For more information, call 800-634-3804.