The primary mission of NORI is to provide cancer patients scientifically sound, nontoxic and effective alternatives to conventional therapies. NORI will continue to research and develop new therapeutic protocols based on the core principles established from its inception.



The NORI was officially established in 2011 after many years of previous research uncovered exciting opportunities to clinically evaluate selenium as a nontoxic compound to kill cancer cells.

Mark Simon founded NORI to enable cancer patients to have an effective and safe alternative to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. His own personal experience with a family member provided him with first hand insights into both conventional and alternative therapies.

Many years of previous research unveiled a wealth of scientific studies demonstrating that selenium has potential as a selective chemotherapeutic agent. NORI developed a protocol for administering high dose selenium and verified in clinical case studies that it had enormous value in cancer therapy. Through further research, the NORI protocol has evolved into a combination of a unique diet and a cocktail of three nutraceuticals.

​ A rapidly building series of case studies is demonstrating the effectiveness of the NORI protocol used alone or in combination with conventional therapies.

NORI is currently seeking funding to enable expansion and to open treatment centers in major metropolitan areas initially within the US.

Cancer rates are increasing and cost of treatment is skyrocketing. NORI offers a far less expensive alternative to conventional approaches.



Mark Simon, CN, Founder and Director

Mark Simon, CN, Founder and Director

Eddie Enever, ND, (Western Australia)

Eddie Enever, ND, (Western Australia)