Patient Interviews and Testimonials

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  • Advanced stage IV breast cancer

Dearest Mark,

I’m Mia Rucker’s mom (Carol Fabric) and I was just getting rid of the last two years of my emails on my computer (I’m not very
techy) and I found an email that Mia had sent me regarding finding you last year. Every time I think of you I promise
myself to write, call and meet you and personally thank you sooooooooooo much for your love, research, commitment to helping
people and especially your work with my precious daughter Mia.  I was looking at a photo of her before she started working with
you last year and the ebullient being who again shines so brightly today, and I am sooooo grateful to you. Both my husband and
I and everyone who knows Mia is so thankful for you and your work, your commitment to what you’ve discovered and the truth
about what really works. We’re so excited to have our lovely daughter healthy and happy again looking forward to a great future.
I would love to meet you one day when I’m in Los Angeles and thank you in person.
With so much appreciation, love and great wishes for a wonderful holiday season.
Carol (and Bruce) Fabric
  • Peter was given 6 months to live…… 7 months ago… His oncologist’s prognosis was 6 months of pain if he did not do chemo. 7 months on Peter is in amazing health. Before he started treatment he was type 2 diabetic – within 2 months he was no longer diabetic. Peter has amazed his family and friends with his attitude and dedication. He was recently on holiday and was seen leading the pace hiking up bush treks without faltering. Anything is possible when you take charge of your journey, create a healing environment for your body and take control of your mindset. Peter doesn’t ‘do facebook’ – Over to Peter:

In March 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer and within days underwent major surgery to remove a portion of the colon that harboured the main tumour. My prognosis was fairly grim – intensive chemo (3 days every fortnight) for the rest of my life estimated to be around 2 years. The other option was to do nothing and life expectancy was to be about 6 months.
After reading up on nutritional oncology on the internet I decided to refuse chemo because at my age of 67 years I really didn’t think my body could survive the ravages of intensive treatment. It was a difficult and confusing time – much uncertainty, not knowing what to do or where to turn to for advice.
Whilst searching the internet I came across the website of Edward Enever – naturopath, cancer coach and practitioner of the Nori Protocol treatment method. Following my first consultation with Edward and after he had explained the way the Nori Protocol worked, I felt for the first time a sense of comfort and reassurance that I was on the right track.
In the last 6 months, I have found Edward to be not only extremely knowledgeable on health and treatment issues, but very empathetic, easily accessible for advice and always happy to explain matters. He has taught me to not fear cancer and also educated me on relaxation meditation techniques. He’s a rare talent.
More importantly, I have enjoyed a quality of life I didn’t think was possible 6 months ago. I have now so much energy and absolutely no side effects from the Nori Protocol. My recent blood tests show there is no general inflammation in the body, no inflammation in the major organs and my blood cancer markers have been coming down and are within the normal range. To be pain free and feeling fit has been for me and my family a wonderful and unexpected bonus. The dietary regime has also provided some extra improvements to my general health.
I know it is still early days and nothing can be taken for granted, but looking to the future I am going forward – not with fear, but quietly confident of the efficacy of the treatment I’m undergoing. Regardless of what transpires in the future – I am more than happy with my decision.
Peter S, Parkwood WA – September 2016

  • Gordon first came to see me with a diagnosis of colorectal cancer that had spread to the surrounding tissue of the bowel. Gordon is now cancer free. I’ll let Gordon tell the story…..

Hi Edward,
Just touching base to let you know i recently got the “all clear” from my Onco.
Bloods are great, in fact they were near perfect before i even started Chemo. The Oncologist could not understand it until I explained that I had been on the NORI Protocol for 2 months. She was quite interested in it and the obvious benefits i was getting from it and amazed that my bloods had cleaned up so rapidly.
I found the NORI Protocol a bit hard for the first couple of weeks but after that it worked a treat.
Another side benefit is I no longer need 3/4 of the medications I was taking and even my sleep apnea has gone. No more blood pressure, reflux or cholesterol meds. Feeling great, skin looking amazing considering i’m 66 years of age.
Went to the opticians the other day for a bi annual revision and get this, my vision has radically IMPROVED. Gone from 2.25 BACK to .25 The guy was amazed. I can almost get away with reading without them these days.
Now, i find myself enjoying far more fruit and vege as a part of my everyday diet and feel better when i’m on it. I just want to say how grateful i am to you and the advice and assistance you gave me.
I’m happy to talk to anyone that may want some first hand feedback.
Wishing you well for the future and keep up the good work.
Gordon C, Perth

  • Recurring Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Remission in 4 Months!!

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with recurring Hodgkin Lymphoma for the third time. The haematologist’s prognosis was grim, the cancer had spread. I had to look for other options, to do things differently rather than continue to repeat the same pattern of treatment.
With the help of my gorgeous family researching complementary therapies I decided on local Naturalopath, Edward Enever (I can’t bring myself to call him Eddie as he is a big man and Edward suits).
Edward introduced me to the NORI protocol. He explained the process thoroughly, emphasizing the importance of diet, meditation, relaxation and mindfulness to give the body optimum opportunity to heal. I decided to take the NORI path and also do chemotherapy. Most reassuring were Edwards words of ‘don’t panic’. Even when I contacted him in a state of panic that the tumors in my neck were growing larger by the day, he encouraged me not to give up.
Now, 4 months later I am in remission. This, I believe, can only be due to a combination of treatments including conventional (chemotherapy) and naturopathic.
I am most grateful for Edward’s help and support in so many ways, his patience with having to explain things more than once and his knowledge of the human body is amazing. I would recommend Edward to anyone seeking naturopathic advice not only in the treatment of cancer but other health issues.
RZ, Perth

  • Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer with metastases in the liver gone in 3 months
    This is a male client in his late 60s who did chemotherapy with NORI and got a phenomenal result. Remember anything is possible and it only takes one person to prove that it is possible. Here’s his wife’s testimonial:

A Naturopath recommended that we see Edward Enever as he specializes in patients with cancer. My husband had pancreatic cancer that had just started to metastasize. That was about six months ago.
Edward began by providing us with practical information that no one else had ever mentioned. He told us that we could get financial and day to day help from the cancer council and even from social security. He has always been positive and provided the only “light” on our journey. He talks of saving your life and of understanding your cancer in order to destroy it.
Strap yourself in you are going on an incredible journey with Edward. He is hugely knowledgeable and very very bright. Edward gave us an enormous amount of verbal and written information about the NORI Protocol and gave us a few weeks because there is a lot to understand.
My husband then started on the NORI diet and Edwards supplements, we had already spent thousands of dollars on various infusions and supplements and we were grateful that Edwards were far cheaper.
The NORI diet is hard to stick to particularly as my husband was still doing chemo. It is very restrictive and my husband just felt progressively worse and worse but Edward didn’t waver he kept saying that if my husband was suffering then his cancer was also. The chemo he was on is a particularly harsh one and I believe most of the lethargy and feeling of unwellness was due to chemo. NORI is hard but you have nothing to lose by sticking with it except of course your cancer.
Last week we had the results of my husbands latest PET scan. We are still in shock and afraid to believe it, but the scan was CLEAR. The oncologist has put my husband on a “wait and watch” program with no chemo but monthly blood tests to check his progress.
Edward now has my husband on a vegan, whole food diet with a day or two a week on the NORI diet with of course his supplements. We are hopeful and Edward has emphasized the importance now of BALANCING my husband’s life, my husband is totally caught up in the practical, logical side of life and just doesn’t understand anything ethereal or out of the box, but as Edward has explained, if his life becomes more balanced he has a greater chance of keeping the cancer away. My husband is starting to do this by getting back to daily meditation and of course ongoing guidance from Edward.
Edward has literally saved my husband’s life.
Diana, Stirling, WA. 24/10/16

  • DCIS, stage 0, breast cancer

I was diagnosed with DCIS, stage 0, breast cancer in January of 2014. A surgeon wanted to give me a mastectomy and flap, and felt no other way would ensure my survival, or an attractive appearance. Shell shocked, I chose to treat it with a Naturopath, who guided me to healthier living on all levels. While I felt the results of that, I had developed a growth. I was told that it was a biopsy scar, but in late 2016 it grew significantly. I suspected it was not scar but tumor and started researching more about cancer, which made me doubt the effectiveness of what I was doing to heal. Sure enough, I went for an ultrasound and was told I had stage 4 breast cancer. Through a series of events I was told about the NORI Protocol and put into contact with Mark Simon. He presented what sounded to me like a very clear understanding of cancer and how to treat it. I had been facing unavailable doctors and practitioners, and he was available and supportive, and put me on a path that honored my instincts, calmed my fears, and made me feel like an active participant in my healing. While new to the protocol, I feel hopeful and aptly guided.
Amy H, Los Angeles.

  • Stage 2 prostate cancer

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 prostate cancer in January, 2017. I was 51 years old. The cancer in my left prostate lobe was a “less aggressive” Gleason 6 score and the cancer in my right lobe was a (more aggressive) Gleason 8. After multiple scans, doctors believe that the cancer was confined to my prostate and the surgical removal of my prostate was scheduled in 3 months. I was assured this is a slow growing cancer and it wasn’t going to spread anywhere soon.
Because I had time, I began researching prostate cancer and discovered stories of people healing (or stopping the progression of) their cancer by radically changing their diets, exercising, adding supplementation, prayer and finding a mind/body connection. It was during this research that I stumbled across Mark Simon (and NORI). He believed in everything I had researched, but his experience as a cellular biologist added an extra component to the equation. He had seen studies showing that an amino acid called Methionine was necessary for cancer cell survival, but regular cells could survive just fine without methionine. “We finally had a target,” he told me. Then he went on to explain that his protocol added methionine restriction to the cancer patient’s diet in an attempt to “starve” the cancer cells of what they needed to survive. He told me that while cancer cells were starving, he also would hit them with “cocktail” of all natural supplementation that had been proven in smaller studies to also cause cancer cell death. So the big question for me was whether or not I should trust this fellow from California that I had never met. It helped to know his motivation to beat cancer came after his wife died of breast cancer a decade ago. He told me that if he knew then what he knows now, he believes she would still be alive. It was after this traumatic event that he began aiming his cellular study at cancer. I decided to dive in to the the Nori Protocol.
I immediately immersed my body into a low methionine (mostly fruit) plant based diet, which was extremely difficult for someone who has eaten few fruits and no green vegetables his whole life. But I learned to love making fruit smoothies and hitting a Smoothie King once in a while (just fruit and ice, of course). I also began the supplementation with no side effects (everything is natural). I began exercising and grew closer to God as many people were praying for me and praying over me. After about 3 weeks on the diet, the inflammation began pouring out of my body. I could do much more during my workouts, my periodic headaches had disappeared and I had more energy. I was drinking about 8-10 bottles of water per day – I guess my body was telling me this was necessary to detox all the bad stuff that had accumulated for decades. Much of my anxiety disappeared as peace through God and confidence that I was healing my body became my mindset.
Three months in I had my doctor order a follow up PSA test to check the prostate cancer level in my blood. I was told it was a waste of time because there was no diagnostic evidence that showed lifestyle and diet change could lower PSA levels. I guess they didn’t account for me. My PSA was 5.4 in January at my diagnosis and dropped to 3.5 in April. My doctor told me, “congrats” but said you still need to have the (mid-April) surgery to have my prostate removed. When I asked if the PSA lowering could correlate to a cancer regression, he said, “Not necessarily” and said the only way to tell was to have another MRI, which he would not recommend. But I insisted and got the scan anyway. And for the next five days prior to the scan I joyfully danced around the house asking God to “show those doctors.” Three hours after the scan, my doctor called me and said the less aggressive cancer on the left side was still there, but the aggressive cancer on the right side was NO LONGER VISIBLE. It was gone. I was allowed to delay surgery to three months down the road. One tumor down. One to go!
Blessings, Ken Brooke

  • Gleason 7 Cancer
I started on the Nori, Methionine Restriction food plan over two years ago.  I added this to my protocol and regimen of cancer fighting food, cancer fighting supplements, strong faith, strong will power, positive attitude & my exercise program.   I was diagnosed at a Gleason 6 and then second opinion of Gleason 7, 8 years ago, I had one biopsy and will not have another.   I have not changed from this diagnoses except my PSA gradually has raised to 29.4 last year and is  holding there for over a year now.  I am in the best shape and health of my life living with cancer.  Cancer is very smart so with the Nori protocol we have adjusted several times to keep the cancer wondering wants happening.  I hope and pray that it keeps wondering its way to rest like it was 10 years ago.  Thank you Nori for all the support and guidance.
 G.S. Missouri, USA