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Mariam Jobrani’s Radical Remission led to the creation of an inspiring documentary of her experience. As a successful Television Producer working up to 16-hour days, she didn’t let a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis in 2010 at the age of 40 stop her. She went right back to her hectic lifestyle until she was told in 2013 that the cancer had come back and she now had stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to her liver. This time she decided to take matters into her own hands, instead of just following the doctor’s orders, and she began to explore healing methods the world over, ultimately with great success. Here is her story in her own words:
“In 2010, at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer (ER/PR+). I was living a fast-paced life as a TV Producer, going from show to show, city to city, telling people’s stories. I was single and childless by choice – well, childless by choice. I had my annual exams regularly and for the last few years (38, 39 years old) my gynecologist told me I had very dense breasts but not to worry since I didn’t have a history of breast cancer in my family. She recommended to just wait until I turned 40 to get a mammogram!

Well, I waited until I turned 40 and discovered that the dense breasts were actually Stage 3 breast cancer. I was on an MTV shoot in Seattle when I got the news. I immediately flew back home to see Dr. Guiliano, one of the foremost experts on breast cancer, who told me I’d need a single mastectomy because of the size of the tumor. Needless to say, I was completely shocked and thought they surely have someone else’s blood work!! But I quickly got into “producer mode” – see a problem, solve it. I put together my team of doctors and less than a month after diagnosis, I had a double mastectomy, followed by 6 rounds of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation.
I didn’t work for the 6-8 months while I was going through treatments and was surrounded by the love of my friends and family. One of the best things I did during this time was that my ex-boyfriend, Kenny Krauss (a cinematographer) and I decided to make a documentary about this horrific ordeal. Filming the experience was extremely healing for me. Through engaging in making the film, I removed myself by one degree from the actual incident. It was like I was telling another woman’s story. It wasn’t really me. It gave me perspective and I started examining “this woman’s” life to see why “she” got breast cancer.

I did everything my oncologist recommended. I just wanted to be done with treatments and go back to my old life. The only treatment I couldn’t tolerate was the hormonal treatments (Tamoxifen). It blocks all your estrogen and gives you menopausal symptoms overnight. I tried it for about 6 months and just couldn’t continue. So, I finished my treatment, set the cancer documentary aside, and went back to work in TV. I was back to my long hours fueled by coffee, processed food, alcohol and plenty of stress.

Two years after the treatments were over – in 2013 – the cancer came back – and had spread to my liver!! Now, I was Stage 4 and according to my oncologist, basically screwed! She told me that on average I had 2 years to live! They laproscopically removed the lesion on my liver and shut down my ovaries with Lupron and put me on the estrogen blocker, Tamoxifen. I felt like a zombie. Then, my oncologist told me I had to do chemo again! THAT didn’t feel right to me at all. I told her I’m still recovering from the 6 rounds she gave me 2 years ago! That’s when I also realized that when she said “on average 2 years,” the continuation of that sentence is “if you do what I tell you…the treatments will surely kill you on average, in 2 years!!” Needless to say, I refused chemo and went to John of God [an energy healer in Abadiania, Brazil] to heal my soul.
To tell you the truth, I was looking for faith in a higher power. I was envious of people with a strong faith and a connection to the Divine. I was searching for that. I whipped out my credit cards and went to John of God (JOG) three times over the next year. Each time, digging deeper into my emotional wounds and facing myself. The best thing about JOG for me, besides his power as a healer, was being in an environment where anything is possible. It gave me hope. Healing from Stage 4 cancer was possible with JOG. Also, the energy of the seekers in Abadania was very powerful and healing. My encounters with JOG were very brief; there wasn’t much talking back and forth. However, after a “spiritual surgery” with JOG, he requires bedrest for 24 hours, no talking, no leaving the house. As is customary after a “spiritual surgery”, my friends brought me food, so I could focus on resting and processing the healing. It was to be treated as an actual physical surgery. This alone time forced me to turn inwards and deal with myself and to examine the choices I had made to bring me to this point in my life.

However, every time I came back to Los Angeles from JOG, I faced more “reality” – doctors appointments, blood tests, scans and, worst of all, the grim expressions of my doctors. Out of the JOG “bubble,” it was difficult for me to maintain my healing mindset. The doctors had so much power over me! They knocked any healing out of me as soon as I set foot in their scary world! I felt amazing in Brazil, but I didn’t want to live in Brazil. I wanted to be near my loved ones in Los Angeles. So my search continued…next, I went searching for long term Stage 4 cancer survivors. They’re very hard to find online, but I was able to find a handful (that’s why [the Radical Remission] website is SO IMPORTANT). I held on to their positive stories and shut out the voices of my doctors with their grim statistics.

It was through JOG that I met Oona Mourier, a Stage 4 Lymphoma survivor. She led me to my current Healer, Behrooz Danadoost in Novato, CA. Master Danadoost is a 25 year survivor of Acute Leukemia himself. Also, he speaks my mother language, Farsi, so right away I felt at home with him. It was with his guidance that I let go of more emotional baggage. I learned about the mind/body connection and that happy thoughts create a happy, healthy body. I learned that healing isn’t just physical, it involves mind, body and soul. I’ve learned that I’m the co-creator of my life and that my thoughts determine my life. Master Danadoost has healed me emotionally and as a result physically. He has created the environment where I want to heal. I’ve forgiven people – after all, we’re all flawed human beings. Nobody’s perfect. I have reached a place of acceptance, gratitude and peace.

Master Danadoost’s physical manifestations of my healing are incredible as well! In 2013 when the recurrence happened, they found inflammation in my right kidney. The Urologist told me I’d need a stent in my right ureter, to release the pressure on my kidney. I’d need to replace this stent every 3 months…forever. Master Danadoost removed the blockage and after two stent replacement surgeries, I haven’t needed another stent in 3 years! Of course, my doctors are beyond surprised!

On April 13, 2015 despite the hormonal therapy, the tumor markers started climbing again. My oncologist, once again, suggested chemo and once again, I refused. She offered a pill form of chemotherapy called Ibrance, but since it was still considered an experimental drug, insurance would not cover it. It cost $10,000 a MONTH!! – with no guarantees of a cure. Apparently, it suppresses the cancer, but as the paperwork stated, “does not affect mortality” – meaning if you’re gonna die in a year, you will whether you take it or not. NO THANKS!
My search intensified. This time, I found Mark Simon, who has created a scientific, evidence-based plan that can reverse cancer with diet and non-toxic chemo. The protocol is called NORI (Nutritional Oncology Research Institute). The foundation for NORI is a low methionine diet. Methionine is an amino acid that cancer cells need to survive. Fruit is the lowest methionine food. So by eating a diet high in fruit, you’re essentially starving the cancer cells. In fact, tumor die-off begins hours after an all-fruit diet!! The non-toxic chemo cocktail is: Sodium Selenite, Vit K3, Geranium Fruit Extract (Chinese herb), Vit E and Citric Acid. I was on a methionine restriction/repletion cycle (for 8 months), where I restricted methionine for 3 weeks and replenished for 1 week with a low fat vegan diet. I started the program on April 15, 2015 and got my blood work done every 3-4 months. The tumor markers started to drop. My oncologist couldn’t believe it and told me that the only way we’ll know what’s really going on is through a PET/CT scan, which I did in January of 2016 and…it was ALL CLEAR!!! NOTHING lit up!! However, according to the blood work, I am not 100% there yet. Of the 3 tumor markers (CEA, 15-3 and 27-19), one is well in the normal range and the other two are 7 points away from normal. Most importantly, I feel great! I have energy, my skin has never looked better and I’ve lost the extra 15lbs I was carrying as a result of the original treatments in 2010.

Through this ordeal, I’ve learned to live more through my HEART. To listen to my GUT. To KNOW (not hope, but know) that I am the Co-Creator of my life and therefore powerful beyond belief. Logic and science, of course, have their place, but our body’s intelligence, guided by the Divine, far surpasses anything created by man. I’ve learned to listen to it.”