Our Services

Nutritional Counseling

NORI is able to offer cancer patients worldwide nutritional counseling services.  NORI has  developed a nutritional support program to help cancer patients augment any conventional or alternative treatment.

NORI Nutritional Support Program

Physician Referral Service

NORI is in the process of building a network of physicians trained on the NORI treatment protocol and safe IV administration of selenium.  Patients are provided free referrals to naturopathic doctors, naturopathic oncologists, integrative oncologists and integrative MDs have been fully trained on the NORI protocol.

Professional Training

NORI offers a training course that covers all aspects of the NORI protocol designed for naturopathic or integrative oncologists interested in expanding their range of options available to their patients.  The training course includes a complete overview of the scientific literature supporting the NORI approach in addition to all the practical knowledge to administer the protocol successfully.

Training Course Description and Outline