General Information

The Nutritional Support Program is designed specifically for cancer patients who have been recently diagnosed, are undergoing conventional treatment or wish to follow a natural approach to healing. The program may also be used for patients wishing to lower their risk of recurrence after treatment. Aspects of the program are adjusted for different stages of progression, age, weight and presence of other health conditions. Every aspect of the NORI Nutritional Support Program is very meticulously researched and is completely based on solid scientific evidence. The Nutritional Oncology Research Institute (NORI) cannot make any claims to be able to diagnose, treat or cure any disease since we do not use any FDA approved drugs or procedures. Our methods are purely natural and nutritional and do not fall within conventional oncology but may overlap with concepts within integrative oncology. The NORI approach is purely nutritional, non toxic, natural and is in close alignment with naturopathic and holistic medicine. In addition to nutritional support, the institute will provide guidance through the maze of alternative cancer therapies. Some alternative therapies such as hyperthermia, ozone and UVBI have merit and can be combined with the program. The Nutritional Oncology Research Institute believes strongly in holistic healing and will suggest various supportive lifestyle modifications and mind/body therapies.

What is Covered

All nutraceutical supplements necessary for the protocol. Shipping charges are included. Nutritional counseling services. Guidance and support on choosing treatment options. Explanation of test results. Guidance on various supportive options within natural and holistic medicine.

What is Not Covered

Blood tests, scans, foods, other supplements not used within the protocol, intravenous nutritional infusions, any medical procedures, pharmaceutical drugs, over-the-counter medications, supportive care not covered by NORI.

Nutritional Counseling

NORI offers a training course that covers all aspects of the NORI protocol designed for naturopathic or integrative oncologists interested in expanding their range of options available to their patients.  The training course includes a complete overview of the scientific literature supporting the NORI approach in addition to all the practical knowledge to administer the protocol successfully. Training Course Description and Outline

Professional Training

NORI is able to offer cancer patients worldwide nutritional counseling services.  NORI has  developed a nutritional support program to help cancer patients augment any conventional or alternative treatment. NORI Nutritional Support Program

Physician Referral Service

NORI is in the process of building a network of physicians trained on the NORI treatment protocol and safe IV administration of selenium.  Patients are provided free referrals to naturopathic doctors, naturopathic oncologists, integrative oncologists and integrative MDs have been fully trained on the NORI protocol.

NORI Affiliated Physicians / Clinics:


Dr. Colin Walsh
NORI UK Based Advice Service
Phone: 07598947353


Edward Enever
Mundaring Wellness Centre
16 Craig Street
Mundaring    WA    6073
Western Australia

NORI Trained Physicians:


California Dr. Clinton M. Pomroy N.D. Email: 5308 Derry Ave Suite K, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 Phone: 818.224.2404 Fax: 888.760.8579   Dr. Lucy Rojo, ND 3816 Woodruff Ave. #312, Long Beach, CA 90808 562.496.2340



Dr. Allan Price  Pure Wellness Group

1596 Regent Street Sudbury, ON P3E 3Z6 705.586.PURE (7873)