Training Course Outline

High Dose Sodium Selenite, Vitamin K3 and Methionine Restriction Protocol

The Nutritional Oncology Research Institute offers a training course that covers all aspects of the sodium selenite/K3/methionine restriction cancer therapy protocol. This course is intended for naturopathic physicians, integrative oncologists, clinical nutritionists and any professional involved in outside-the-mainstream healing methods for cancer. Completion of the course will enable a professional practicing in the field of oncology to successfully implement the protocol and have the basic fundamental understanding of all the mechanisms involved. A clear understanding of the protocol is essential because of potential negative interactions with supplements and other treatments. The foundation or platform of the protocol is diet and this is discussed in great detail. It is believed that diet alone, in some cases, is sufficient to reverse tumor progression. This is the underlying philosophy of NORI and the scientific evidence for this will be discussed. Also presented will be extensive evidence supporting the concept of cancer as a metabolic disease. The entire course requires a minimum of 8 hours but can be completed in one day if necessary. It is preferred that the course is broken down into 2 to 3 segments. I. Research and Development History of NORI A. Research Activities B. Protocol Development C. Clinical Studies D. Nutraceutical Product Development E. Patents F. Ethical and Regulatory Issues II. Scientific Evidence Supporting Sodium Selenite as a Selective Chemotherapeutic Agent A. Se 75 as an Imaging Agent, Preferential Uptake B. Cell Culture Studies C. Animal Studies D. Human Clinical Studies III. Scientific Evidence Supporting Vitamin K3 as a Synergistic Agent With Sodium Selenite A. Cell Culture Studies B. Vitamin C and K3 Synergy IV. Scientific Evidence Supporting Methionine Restriction as a Therapeutic Tool for Cancer Treatment A. Amino Acid Depletion and Restriction B. Cell Cycle Defects C. Cell Culture Studies

  V. Intravenous High Dose Sodium Selenite Protocol A. Sodium Selenite Solution Formulation B. Dose Calculations C. Administration Via PICC Line or Port D. Administration Via Standard IV VI. Oral High Dose Sodium Selenite Protocol A. Sublingual Sodium Selenite Tablets B. Dose Calculations C. Potential Interactions D. Oral Irritation VII. Vitamin K3 Administration A. Dose Calculations B. Potential Interactions VIII. Implementation of a Methionine Restriction Diet A. Foods Lowest in Methionine B. Advantages of High Fruit C. Glucose/Insulin Regulation Issues D. Description and Timing of Phases IX. Synchronization of High Dose Sodium Selenite with Methionine Restriction A. Scientific Evidence B. Implementation C. Risks X. FASN Inhibitors A. Scientific Evidence C. Natural FASN Inhibitors B. Implementation XI. Future Directions A. Other Unique Metabolic Targets B. Creating Synergy Download Course Outline  Printable Version